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the benefits of hiring a party planner

I love hosting parties in my home, but I just don't have the time to plan them anymore. About a year ago, I started working with a party planner to get things organized for the parties that I throw. It is amazing how much a party planner can do for you. When I did plan my own parties, I didn't have the time to compare rates for different services so I ended up paying more than I had to. If you have never hired a party planner to help you with an event, take a minute to read through my blog to find out how beneficial it is to do so.



the benefits of hiring a party planner

Party Rain Or Shine: Options To Help Keep The Party Going

by Estéban Rolland

Nothing is more frustrating than planning a huge party only to have it rained out. When a cancellation of a party is just not an option, you need to make sure the party goes on rain or shine. You also want to reduce the costs of the party in spite of any rain, so what do you do? Here are a few options that can help.

Tent Rental

Carnival tents, wedding tents, large group festivity tents, massive group camping tents; you name it, a rental store has got it. If you have the space on your lawn or at the location you have chosen for your party, you can rent a big enough tent to keep the party going no matter what the weather. The best part is that A) a tent rental is far cheaper than buying one or losing all of your non-refundable deposits for the party and B) many rental stores will offer to set the tent up for you.

Awnings and Canopies

Have a large deck or porch? Maybe you should consider an awning or canopy. Canopies are free-standing and can pop up quickly if the weather looks like it is going to take a turn for the worse. Awnings can be installed in advance and roll out in minutes. The differences, of course, are permanence and cost. The awning would be more expensive and permanent while the canopy (or canopies) can be rented for a few dollars. If you have lots of parties on your deck or porch, you may want to consider the awning, since the price of renting canopies repeatedly could add up to the cost of an awning anyway. If you have very few parties, canopy and tent rentals are ideal.

Host an Umbrella Party

Sure, it sounds funny, but an umbrella party can be fun. Put umbrellas up the centers of your outdoor tables. Put tiny umbrellas in the drinks. Put out dozens of umbrellas and parasols for people to use if it does sprinkle.

The table umbrellas you can rent, while the other umbrellas you can purchase cheaply from party stores and thrift stores. Encourage your party guests to bring their own umbrellas too. Run wires over the top of your party area, then cover the closely-set wires with open umbrellas of all colors, sizes and styles. This works really well in hot sunshine too because it provides a lot of shade from the sun. For more information, contact companies like A Party Place Rentals.