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the benefits of hiring a party planner

I love hosting parties in my home, but I just don't have the time to plan them anymore. About a year ago, I started working with a party planner to get things organized for the parties that I throw. It is amazing how much a party planner can do for you. When I did plan my own parties, I didn't have the time to compare rates for different services so I ended up paying more than I had to. If you have never hired a party planner to help you with an event, take a minute to read through my blog to find out how beneficial it is to do so.



the benefits of hiring a party planner

Tips To Help You When Hosting Your Baby's First Birthday Party

by Estéban Rolland

If you are awaiting your baby's first birthday, you may be in the planning process of celebrating this important milestone in their life. Many like to host a first birthday party for their child so friends and family members can take the time to reflect upon the child's growth and anticipation of their future. Here are a few tips one can use if they have never hosted a birthday party in the past in an attempt to make the celebration one each guest will be sure to enjoy.

Consider Getting Outside Help 

A very large party will likely require a bit of help from outside sources. Instead of undertaking all of the work yourself, consider renting tables, chairs, and a large tent for guests to utilize from a company like Party People Rentals & Sales. This will take away the worry in finding the room for people to gather inside of your home as well as the need to track down seats and tables so everyone remains comfortable. Think about hiring a caterer rather than needing to take care of all food preparation on your own as well. This will allow you to enjoy the party along with the guests instead of running in and out of the kitchen to keep people fed throughout the party.

Think About Your Baby's Schedule

Before you plan an elaborate party for your youngster, determine which point during the day they are most active and attentive. If you plan the party time for an hour where your baby will be coming upon feeding time or a much-needed nap, there is a chance they will be cranky when guests take away from their needs. Starting the party after nap time will ensure your child is refreshed and ready to be involved in the activity around them. If your baby nurses or requires a quiet atmosphere during feeding time, it is best to start your party after they are fed as well. 

Keep The Party Entertainment Simple

Too much hub bub may make your child upset. While they will be curious about the sights and sounds around them, it may be best to stick with simple forms of entertainment instead of providing too much stimulation. Light music will work well in giving the party a festive atmosphere without making it too chaotic or loud for your child. A magic show, clown performance, or pet show and tell may work well for older children attending the party if desired. Keep the performance at a short duration to break up the party a bit without it overshadowing the reason everyone is attending the event.